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A Letter from Principal Elaine Spencer

Welcome to Holy Trinity Catholic School.  We are excited to begin our second year as a regionalized Catholic school system in Altoona, PA.  We embarked on this journey together and continue to appreciate and acknowledge parental and community support, enthusiasm and passion.  We will continue to fill our classrooms with engaging, meaningful and rigorous work.  We will look to offer fun and interesting extracurricular clubs and activities to get all our students involved in the Guardian community.

During this 2017/2018 school year we will build upon our mission to foster an environment of spiritual and intellectual growth.  Our staff of qualified professional educators are committed to your children and are already looking forward to a positive and productive school year.

I firmly believe in our mission to offer a quality education in a safe environment where students have compassion toward others.  We will encourage and embrace each unique student and bring them closer to knowing, loving and serving God through prayer and participation in faith-filled lessons and services.

Thank you again for choosing Holy Trinity Catholic School.


Mrs. Elaine M. Spencer
Principal / Holy Trinity Catholic School


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