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BINGO Fundraising Updates

BINGO has reopened as of January 12!

Attention Guardians!  New BINGO Updates:

  • You can now work up to 6 bingos this academic year to reach your family fundraising goal.
  • You will receive a $50 credit for every bingo you work.  That is up to $300 towards your fundraising goal.
  • If you worked a bingo and did not receive proper credit, please notify us at with the date of the bingo that was worked.
  • You must be signed up to work your obligated bingo by January 30, 2021 to avoid getting a $175 charge added to your fundraising account.
  • Every family must fulfill their bingo working obligation by working at least one bingo this academic school year.


Growing our EITC program is paramount to the future viability of our School. The Holy Trinity Catholic School Board recognized the need to create options for our families surrounding their involvement and participation in our EITC program.

Exchange your fundraising for an EITC donation!  Join the EITC tax credit program now for a minimum of $3,500 and have a $3,150 (90% credit) on your 2020 state tax return!
It’s easy – set it and forget it. Then in August 2021, your 2021- 2022 fundraising goal is completely waived (including bingo).

Exciting news regarding our EITC program!  Participate in our EITC program in lieu of fundraising – click link for more info.




School Lunches are FREE for the entire school year

Holy Trinity is happy to announce that as of September 28,

LUNCH IS FREE to ALL Holy Trinity Students!!

Each student is permitted to have one free lunch per day. The lunch menu will remain the same as we have always offered. Students may choose the main entrée, alternate or a kit. Extra entrées will remain $1.00, extra milk is $ .50, small bottled water is $ .50, large bottled water is $1.00, and ice cream and ala carte items are as priced. You will still need to have money in your School Lunch account to purchase these extras. The School Lunches are FREE for the entire school year.  For more information please watch video in the link below.

Everything you need to know about free school meals #SupportSchoolMeals

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