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HTCS Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is available to help defray tuition costs.

We are committed to keeping Catholic education available, accessible and affordable for all.

Affordable starts with keeping tuition costs as low as possible.

Financial aid packages are available to qualifying Holy Trinity Catholic School families.  Funding comes from The Educational Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC).

Pennsylvania residents are eligible for scholarships for their children based on the follow household income criteria…
Household income is less than $96,676 plus $17,017 for each qualifying dependent in the family in 2020–21.

For example,
A family with one qualifying dependent must have an income below $113,693.
($96,676 + $17,017 = $113,963)

A family with two qualifying dependents must have an income below $130,710.
($96,676 + $17,017 + $17,017 = $130,710)

A family with three qualifying dependents must have an income below $147,727
($96,676 + $17,017 + $17,017 + $17,017 = $147,727)

In addition, if the applying family has a child that is considered disabled according to
Pennsylvania EITC/OSTC law the qualifying dependent amount would by multiplied by 1.50
for a support level 1 disability and by 2.993 for a support level 2 disability.

Holy Trinity Catholic School has partnered with Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) to determine eligibility for tuition assistance.  To complete the STS Financial Aid Application please click here.

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