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EITC – Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program

What is it? The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (the “EITC Program”) in 2001 in order to allow businesses to support education in Pennsylvania.  The EITC Program enables taxpayers to direct their state taxes to fund scholarships at Holy Trinity Catholic School. All donations go directly toward scholarships to qualifying families.

Recently, participation has been expanded, so whether you are an individual or a business entity, please contact us. We will provide more information, andguide you through a simple process to direct your state tax dollars to Holy Trinity Catholic School. Depending on your individual situation, you may also receive Federal Tax benefits too.

HTCS “SchoolCredits” EITC program enables families and other supports to direct their tax dollars to help keep tuition low. Please contact us for more information.

Through EITC contributions, HTCS was able to award students Financial Aid Scholarships during the 2018-2019 school year.

How does your business apply to participate in the EITC Program?

Businesses can apply for credits two ways:  1) directly from the State of Pennsylvania or 2) through a Special Purpose Entity.   The business application guide explains the process of applying directly.  A business applies to participate by completing a simple one-page application form (Appendix 1-SO). The form MUST BE COMPLETED ELECTRONICALLY online through the Department of Community and Economic Development’s (“DCED”) website For further information or questions, you can reach DCED at (717)787-7120.

For more information locally contact or

Each child is a masterpiece of God, created with precision for a specific purpose.

Please help us strengthen our school and community by participating in the tax credit program.

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